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Let me introduce myself to each one of you. My name is Yuna Bert and I am a passionate artist from France. I’ve been drawing in different mediums ever since my childhood when in 2013 I was invited to create my own exposition.

 As I started exposing my art pieces at fairs and galleries of different parts of the world, I realized that I could make any of you enjoy wearing what I enjoy drawing.
From this push point, my YunaBe Brand was born, last year.

Meanwhile, I was focused on symbolism studies, which became a unique part of the whole project and my last exhibition called « Tattoos » was therefore based on different patterns and details that carry a different variety of meanings within them.
The idea of T-shirts’ and phone cases with the same prints came to life. This is not just another way of exposing my pieces, it’s a completely different approach to it. The design that I offer my clients comes with a background and positive spiritual power, great quality of the materials and fit for the perfect size.
For those that always wanted to get a tattoo but never got the chance to make their little dream come to life, I’ve created a portfolio of temporary tattoos for different tastes.  
You can check out each all of the products via Instagram or by simply clicking on the « products » section. Wear YunaBe and Be Different!



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