About Yuna Bert

Inspired by the deeply evocative art of tattoos and universal archetypes in symbolism, the artist Yuna Bert knew as soon as she began to dabble in the meaningful art of ink on flesh that it was just the beginning.

In her exploration on the magic of symbolism, Yuna Bert’s collection depicts tattoos as a high form of art. Using tattoo design and collective symbolism, Yuna endeavors to transform her work into a universal and primordial language for individuals that are in search of meaning through the representation of our shared experience as emotional, physical, and spiritual beings.

Created for patrons that are in search of a story along with their purchase, each work is hand-painted and imbued with positive symbolism that represents cultural, historical, and spiritual relevance to the human experience as well as non-material concepts and ideals.


With every purchase, Yuna’s clients are entitled to receive a limited edition product that is created to permeate special meaning and to receive a detailed insert describing all elements of the image and the product included.
For a unique exemplification of tattoo depicted as art, come and explore Yuna Bert’s work, where symbols are recognized for their ability to carry strength, energy, and history, and where you can learn the meaning of the universal symbols that are created to resonate in you.

Download the guide for a presentation to each of Yuna's designs!